The restoration works of the Kizlar monastery come to an end

The restoration works of the Kizlar monastery come to an end

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Turkey, like many other countries in that area of ​​the world, has a first-rate architectural historical legacy and although the passage of time happens the same for all things, there are some enclaves that can be said to have lived better times and that time is taking its toll on them.

For that reason, in this Eurasian country, aware of the importance of its history, they have always been concerned with safeguarding what was once forging history until they are what they are today. The Kizlar monastery is one of those important places, being today an authentic tourist attraction of the Eastern Black Sea region.

The monastery complex has a fairly high protective wall and was originally built on two terraces. It was founded during the mandate of King Alexios III (1349-1390), who ruled for many years. Today it is a source of pride for both Trabzon and all of Turkeyespecially now that its restoration is nearing completion.

This monastery underwent a deep restoration from which it is about to emerge and look again as it did shortly after being erected, thus being a much more striking claim, but not only for tourists but also for scholars and historians specialized in the Byzantine world, because we can say that it is an authentic jewel of that town.

It is located in the Boztepe neighborhood, in a city that today is called Trabzon, where everyone takes the utmost care to keep their history alive. The mayor of the city himself, Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, has declared that it is neither the first nor the last of the projects that they will undertake to restore some of the architectural treasures that the city has.

He also wanted to highlight the great importance of this monastery for tourism, given that with this restoration that is nearing completion, the cultural, artistic and tourist life of the city will be reactivated, bringing great benefits in every way.

Has stated that it will soon become a center of attraction That not only will bring together Turkish tourists or tourists from nearby countries, but with the monastery and many of the things that the city has, they will experience a moment of flourishing, as when the monastery itself was built.

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