The Islamic State destroys the city of Hatra

The Islamic State destroys the city of Hatra

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Yesterday Saturday, the Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities warned that the Islamic State (IS) had begun the destruction of the Hatra ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Site and capital of the kingdom of the Parthians during the 3rd century BC.

Located 110 km southwest of Mosul, Hatra used to be one of the most important stops on the Silk Road, housing in its interior the Parthian people, originally from northeastern Iran and reaching Syria and Pakistan at their peak. The great circular wall and several stone temples form one of the most impressive monumental complexes in the region.

«The lack of speed in international support for Iraq has encouraged terrorists to carry out another crime and loot and demolish the remains of the city of Hatra«, Says the Government in its statement.

No images have emerged, but Iraqi officials cited by Reuters confirmed that they had received alerts about the demolition of the enclave, while several neighbors claim to have heard strong explosions early on Saturday.

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