Curiosities about sex in the Middle Ages

Curiosities about sex in the Middle Ages

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Historians have conducted various investigations to understand and study sexual behavior in the Middle Ages. Their investigations reveal some curiosities of the time that have no waste, such as courtship, common places to have sex or the spicy popular stories that were heard back then.

For the medieval man and woman, eyes and gaze were a fundamental part of sexuality. In 'Medieval Life', by Roberta Gilchrist, it is explained that according to medieval theories about gazes, “the eye was not a passive receptor. The act of looking could stimulate the desire of the observer and the observed, so women were often advised not to look at men so as not to tempt them.

Another study has revealed that one of the predominant places to practice sex in a medieval town was the Church. Contrary to popular belief, homes and communities often lacked privacy, so "the church, safe, dry, and deserted for much of the day, was the equivalent of the back seat of a car."

But nevertheless, the medieval church did not like sex, and throughout that time numerous religious laws and proclamations were made that tried to restrict when, how and with whom sexual relations could be had. Despite the fact that the people were allowed to have sexual relations with their spouse, the Church accepted only one type of position: the missionary, based on the fact that it was the one that provided less pleasure to the couple and sexuality had as its absolute aim the conception of offspring.

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An interesting aspect of the study shows the kind of man women preferred in the Middle Ages. In the 13th century in southern France, Rabbi Isaac ben Yedaiah points out that circumcised men must ensure that their women do not sleep with men who are notSince "thanks to the foreskin, which is a barrier to ejaculation, the man has more stamina and makes the woman feel more pleasure and reach orgasm first."

Between the 12th and 14th centuries, some tales known as fabliaux which were well known in France. The fabliaux they were comic stories that used to include wives and other women having sexual affairs with a wide variety of men. The stories include: «The maiden who couldn't fucking hear«, «The gentleman who made pussies talk«, «The priest who was stiff" Y "Berangier the Long Bastard«.

According to the prostitutionIt was considered a sinful act, but in urban areas throughout medieval Europe it was tolerated as a necessary evil. Some of the regulations on prostitution still live, Like the "Regulations Relating to the Housing of Prostitutes in Brothels”, Which has been part of the ordinances of the city of Nuremberg since 1470.

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