They find a Roman sarcophagus with exceptional reliefs

They find a Roman sarcophagus with exceptional reliefs

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A Roman sarcophagus from the 2nd or 3rd century BC. It has been found during excavations near the ancient Tripolis, in the Denizli province, southwestern Turkey, as reported by Bahadir Duman, director of the excavations. The reliefs that are represented on the sarcophagus they correspond to characters from Greek mythology such as Heracles, Meleager, Narcissus, Eros, Psyche, Hermes, Gamínedes, Thanatos or Charon.

The skeletons of the sarcophagus correspond to a man and woman, about 1.65 meters high, probably husband and death, but it has not yet been verified as explained by Duman and the causes of death are also unknownTherefore, after the anthropological investigation, there will be more information available.

Via National Geographic.

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