14 tombs from the pre-Inca period and a Moche temple found in Peru

14 tombs from the pre-Inca period and a Moche temple found in Peru

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The newspaper 'Trade‘Has reported the discovery of 14 graves in Bola de Oro-El Triunfo that mostly belonged Sican or Lambayeque cultures and remains of the Moche and Chimu periods.

A Lambayeque tomb It was found with interesting gold objects that had drawings of Naylamp, a mythological character from Ancient Peru who came out of the sea, bringing civilization to the lands of Lambayeque.

Other objects found include pottery, small copper ornaments, silver, copper-plated birds, and other items such as knives. The particular interest of the researchers is to find fragments of ceramic vessels from the late Moche, since if they were found, they would confirm the contact of the Bola de Oro-El Triunfo culture with the Moche culture in La Libertad, which is where these pieces are usually discovered.

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