Greek Mythology: Persephone and the Myth of Spring

Greek Mythology: Persephone and the Myth of Spring

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Demeter was the daughter of the gods Cronus and Rhea, god of time and goddess of human labor respectively.

Demeter was responsible for the farming towns and thanks to it the seeds had the ability to germinate, the trees gave their fruit and the cereals ripened and there were good harvests.

Who was Persephone?

The God Zeus he had had a daughter with Demeter who they called Persephone, Proserpine for the Romans, who once was playing and collecting flowers in a forest near the Pergo fountain with her friends trying to collect the most beautiful flowers to make garlands.

The abduction of Persephone

At a time when he was not with his group, the god of the underworld Hades, began spying on her and fell in love with her. Every time he saw her, he became more obsessed with her until one day he got into his car and quickly approached the group of girls and although they fled in terror, He was able to find Persephone and take her with him.

Thus, the young Persephone was taken to the world of shadows and darkness, forced to become Hades's wife.

Demeter, her mother, kept looking for her in every corner of the known world, relentlessly.

Finally he found the belt of the daughter he had lost in the struggle, which caused Demeter to curse the Earth and everything that was on it radically changed, the sky stopped being blue and turned leaden, the trees lost their leaves, the flowers disappeared, the crops wilted and the lakes and rivers they froze completely.

Apollo, the luminous god, decided to help Demeter, who had climbed to Olympus to ask for help from Zeus, who also helped her by revealing where he was and that she was safe and sound, which reassured the mother.

Zeus's decision

The one who did not reassure the situation was Zeus, since he held Demeter in high esteem.

In this way, he decided to intercede with his brother Hades, whom he would order Persephone to be his wife for six months and the rest of the year she would be with her mother, so she could enjoy the warm sunlight.

This is one of the many existing versions of the spring myth And for those who have heard the name Pluto instead of Hades, it must be said that is the same personification, although Pluto was the name that the Romans gave it.

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