Call for volunteers to analyze coastal archaeological sites before they disappear in England

Call for volunteers to analyze coastal archaeological sites before they disappear in England

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Thousands of archaeological sites on the coast of England and estuaries are being destroyed due to extreme weather, rising sea levels or erosion caused by water.

CITIZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network) is the project that is warning about the threat to heritage. CITiZAN is recruiting volunteers to help mediate and monitor endangered archaeological sites before they disappear.

CITiZAN runs a set of communities, built thanks to a volunteer network, equipped with the systems that are necessary to measure and monitor threatened archaeological zones and record the exposure to which the areas in which they work are subjected.

Gustav Milne, project manager, explains: «We cannot prevent erosion but we can register archaeological sites before they are destroyed. We are encouraging people to join our volunteer network and help us measure where there is cultural heritage near coastal locations before they are lost forever«.

Ben Greener, Environmental Advisor, commented: 'Our coasts are a huge warehouse where the remains of war defenses, industry and ancient settlements are hidden that provide much information about the history of the island nation. It's a big job registering thousands of these places before they are lost, Heritage Lottery Fund is encouraging people to join CITiZAN«.

From Lindisfarne to Land’s End, you can find prehistoric forests, ancient sites of salt exploitation, Roman buildings, medieval ports, fishing settlements, defensive points on the coast of two world wars and an uncountable number of abandoned ships, barges and lying ships.

All the information is being recorded on the web. It is a constantly evolving database and you can also find interactive maps of the places that are being registered. The database preserves the knowledge of these important places forever and is a source for those who wish to do some research.

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