Biography of Jason, the leader of the Argonauts

Biography of Jason, the leader of the Argonauts

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One of the most well-known myths of Ancient Greece, not only for having been named in countless books but also for having been taken to the cinema many years ago, is that of Jason and the Argonauts, who was immersed in a crusade to get the Golden Fleece.

Biography of Jason

Jason was the son of Aeson and Philira, kings of Yolcos, in what was known as Magnesia.

After the death of Creteo, father of Esón, his brother Pelías arrived at the throne, although the legitimate heir was Esón, which made that before any kind of retaliation, Philira entrusts her son Jason to Chiron, a centaur who had educated and trained great heroes.

Pelias had a large number of advisers and one of them was the very Oracle of Delphi, who warned him to be very careful with a descendant of Aeson, especially one who is missing a sandal.

Many years later, when Jason was quite a man, trained in the arts of war and education, returned to Jaleo to claim his father's throne.

On his way he met an old woman who asked him for help crossing a river; Jason did not doubt it and helped her, although he lost one of his sandals. This old woman was Hera, the protective goddess of Jason.

Jason arrived at Jaleo and appeared before Pelías, who noticed the lack of the sandal and remembered what his oracle had told him.

For a moment he thought about killing him, but the whole town would fall on him, so to avoid it, he told him that he would give him the throne of Jaleo if he got him something very special, the Golden Fleece, the skin of the ram on which they flew Frixo Y Hele to Colehis.

Jason and the Argonauts

Although the task was extremely difficult, Pelias hoped that luck was not on Jason's side, but the oracle warned him that he could do it, and it was.

The construction of the Argo

Jason sought heroes from all over Greece, among them to Heracles, the Dioscuri, Orpheus, Amphiarao, Hilas, Meleager, Peleus, Theseus and Telamon, and had a ship built with up to fifty oars, called Argo by its builder, which Athena endowed with a piece capable of speaking and predicting the future.

All ready, the ship of Yolcos in the Aegean Sea.

Having fought hundreds of dangers, Jason managed to get hold of the Golden Fleece, thanks to his cunning, that of his men and the sorceress Medea.

Pelías did not give up easily but Medea bewitched her daughters to murder her.

Jason married her and they went to live as guests of King Creon and they had three children.

Fate made the king himself offer Jason the hand of his daughter Glauce, with which he could become king, but Medea found out about it and murdered Glauce, his children and Creon, after which he fled.

Death of the hero

Jason died practically in oblivion, remembering old deeds of youth, which served him nothing more than to mark his sad end, which was limited to sit next to the Argo, which had taken to Corinth where he offered her to Poseidon to spend the day January, when a piece of the helmet fell on his head.

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