Viking dragon head found in Sweden

Viking dragon head found in Sweden

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A thin Dragon's head, one of the most important symbols of the ancient Vikings, has been found during excavation work in the port of Birka, in the lake Mälaren (Sweden).

Birka, on Lake Mälaren, 40 kilometers from Stockholm, is believed to be one of the oldest villages in Sweden and excavations have been carried out since the 17th century, but the discovery of the Dragon's head It is one of the most interesting finds in recent years.

«At first we did not properly understand what we had found, it took us a few minutes'Said Sven Kalmring, professor at the Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeological Center, who has been excavating the port of the ancient city together with the Stockholm Department of Archeology.

The little dragon head would be part of an ancient disguise but the rest have disappeared.
"For an expert, it is obvious that the dragon is a very characteristic Birka design," says Kalmring. "This is an exciting discovery." Now Kalmring will spend some time analyzing and cleaning up the find, and comparing it to similar objects found in other Scandinavian places, like Funen or Denmark.

Founded in the mid-8th century, Birka has been the Baltic nexus between the river and the transport routes to the Byzantine Empire. Birka was also important from a religious point of view, since there the first Swedish Christian congregation was formed in 831 in Saint Ansgar.
Birka has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.

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