Two skeletons found in front of the Temple of Concord in Sicily

Two skeletons found in front of the Temple of Concord in Sicily

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Given the rich history that many corners of the world have, it is not surprising that every so often archaeological finds of great importance are made that allow us to delve deeper into many aspects of ancient civilizations and can bring us closer to what their day to day was like. and its main characteristics.

One of the most recent news comes from Sicily, where Two burials have been found corresponding to the 7th century AD.. very close to the Temple of Concord, in the Valley of the Temples, near Agrigento.

The discovery has been carried out by a team of archaeologists from the University of Palermo, who have found the skeletons of two men. This valley is known for the seven Greek temples that were built and that today are preserved in good condition.

As stated Valentina Caminneci, archaeologist of the Agrigento Valley, “This finding is of great importance since it exhaustively demonstrates the human presence in the city during the post-classical era”. Now we will have to wait to find out if it is a Christian cemetery that was placed in front of the temple after it was converted into a Christian basilica by order of Archbishop Gregorio de Agrigento.

Despite the excellent preservation of the temples, not much is known about their more recent history and in recent years scholars have tried to understand more about what happened in this place after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Caminneci affirmed that until now much is known about the place, but only from the classical period stage, although now we must gradually discover the subsequent history, which is, logically, the next step to follow.

According to scholars in the field, in case of being a cemetery, it could have existed in front of the temple after it became a basilica, although this requires a good number of investigations and excavations, which will continue to be carried out by both professors and students of the Faculty of Archeology at the University of Palermo .

For his part, Caminneci declared that it is a formidable idea for both students and teachers to participate in these works since archeology is very practical and there is no better place to learn than on the ground. It will surely not be the last time we hear about these excavations because, he says, they still have a lot to say.

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