They discover what could be the tomb of the Maccabees

They discover what could be the tomb of the Maccabees

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Although the fame in many of the discoveries of the Ancient World is Egypt, there are other destinations in the world that have a great history and enough capacity to surprise us at any time. Israel is one of those magical places that has always stood out for being the cradle of civilizations, wars and many historical events, which is why it must hide countless archaeological treasures, which are waiting for us to discover them.

Recently, some excavations conducted by the Archaeological Authorities of Israel may have discovered the tombs of the Maccabees, something that to verify its veracity, would be qualified as one of the most important archaeological finds of the last years.

The Maccabees They were a group of leaders of the Jewish people whose mission was to lead the fight against the Greek empire and among their achievements, the liberation of the temple in Jerusalem stands out, something that is still remembered today with the celebration of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

This finding is the fruit of an investigation that had been launched decades ago and in which different archaeological teams have participated over the years until it was finally discovered. The tomb is located very close to the Israeli city of Modiin, located between the well-known cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Due to the great importance of the find, the Archaeological Authority of Israel has had to recruit a large number of volunteers to help in the excavations, which, according to estimates, will take a long time.

Despite this finding, it must be remembered that other teams carried out excavations in this same place but finally failed to find his tomb, but now everything is different since although there is no irrefutable evidence that shows that this is the tomb of the Maccabees, there are things that were described about 150 years ago in previous excavations, which includes different objects such as trunks and pillars that seem to have supported a second floor of some structure in the past.

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