Over 2,000-year-old treasures discovered in Ancient Greece's most famous shipwreck

Over 2,000-year-old treasures discovered in Ancient Greece's most famous shipwreck

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The mechanism of the Antikythera machine took no less than half a century to know how it worked, but in the end it was determined that it was a complex piece of gears that served to power predict the motion of both planets and stars, being considered this device as the first computer in the world, which was part of a valuable treasure left by the shipwreck of a Roman ship on the Greek island of Antikythera in 65 BC.

This was part of the first of the projects in this area and was crowned as one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the last 20th century. But this project did not end with it and research continued, although with enough space in time, exactly until 2014, where the Oceanographic Institute of Woods Hole (United States) leads, together with the Greek Government, the work in this second phase of the project .

The second part has recently ended and some of the findings have already been advanced, including the discovery of more than 50 pieces that are more than 2,000 years old Among which are an amphora in a really stupendous state of conservation, a rectangular chiseled stone, a table jug, pieces of glass, iron and bronze, a piece of bronze that seems to have been the arm of a throne and a piece of flute made with bone.

The project manager, Brendan Foley, said that there are three compelling reasons that clearly explain why the wreck has been so little explored. First, because it is a deep and complex place to work without causing harm to divers. Second, because due to the depth and the remoteness of the island it is a very expensive place to excavate and thirdly, due to the depth, the most advanced equipment is required since the diving time is quite limited.

He also assured that the divers on his expedition did a doctorate four years ago, stating that they are the first team of archaeologists to explore this place, where they could surely find many more submerged pieces, although the work does not consist only in rescuing them from the sea but keeping them in the best possible condition, which requires a large amount of money and time, although at the moment they only focus on what that they will be able to find in future seasons, because they are totally convinced that this place still has many secrets to share.

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