4,000-year-old sauna found in Scotland

4,000-year-old sauna found in Scotland

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If we talk about saunas and history, we cannot avoid talking about one of the news that reaches us from Scotland, where it has been found on the island of Westray, one of the known as Orkney Islands, a sauna or steam room dating back about 4,000 years in time.

After a first study, the researchers believe that it is a space that may have been used to heal or cleanse the body as well as to facilitate childbirth or even for different types of spiritual ceremonies.

Among the different parts of the structure that has been discovered is a water tank with which steam was obtained and also a complex network of cells, all of this dated between 2,000 BC and 1,000 BC. These structures are located at the Links of Noltland archaeological site (Dunes of Noltland).

According to archaeologists, the place where it is found has provided a large number of very interesting clues about what the activities were like and also the way of life of the ancient inhabitants of these islands.

On the other hand, in addition to believing that the sauna was used by members of importance in the community, especially for spiritual or religious purposes, it is also believed that it could be something of more communal use so that they could warm up during the freezing winters that hit these latitudes.

As stated to the media Rod McCullagh, member archaeologist of Historic Scotland:

We know that this construction was large and had an attached cell network and a large water tank in the central structure, which could have been used to produce both boiling water as well as steam, which would have provided a sensation of sauna inside.

What we do not know exactly is the use that was finally given to this structure, although due to its complex architecture and ingenious structure, everything indicates that it was used for more than cooking. If its purpose was to serve for important meetings, ritual festivities or simply for a sauna, it is something that we do not know completely.

We will have to wait for continue investigationsSurely it won't take us too long to learn about many of the main characteristics and secrets that this mysterious place hides.

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