Tutankhamun's tomb shows signs of a hidden camera according to the latest studies

Tutankhamun's tomb shows signs of a hidden camera according to the latest studies

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Nicholas Reeves, a British archaeologist, has recently declared that the discovery of Nefertiti's tomb is near since the first examinations to which Tutankhamun's burial has been subjected have revealed different indications of the existence of a hidden chamber in the north wall, something that Reeves suspected for a long time and now he has set out to discover all this mystery that has been very present for centuries.

Mamduh el Damati, Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, stated that after the first analyzes the presence of an area that has a different temperature than other areas on the north wall is noted. In order to certify the results, different tests will be carried out to obtain more relevant information about what we are looking for.

It was only recently that the research team began scanning both the North and West walls, place where Nefertiti's tomb could be found. The duration of this examination was long enough to collect as much data as possible. An examination that has been carried out with the latest technological tools through infrared, which is used to detect the loss of energy in poorly insulated homes and that can be of great help in this case.

Thanks to this modern technique it has been possible to measure the energy radiation emitted by the tomb. Thanks to the images that have been captured by the sensors of these special tools, it has been possible to know that there are cold spots and different air currents, something that was not known until now.

The examination has the approval of the committee that preserves the monuments and is being carried out by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Cairo and the Institute for Preservation and Innovation in Heritage, where the two entities recently presented an ambitious project to be able to continue scanning the four pyramids that are part of the Dashur and Giza necropolises over the next few months.

Different officials from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities stated that the infrared thermography carried out requires more time to confirm the resultsBut they think that it is going in the right direction and they are confident that they will soon be able to surprise the entire international community.

Reeves is completely convinced that his own theory is correct, claiming that a side chamber exists under the west wall of the burial chamber and an extension of the tomb that goes beyond the North wall. For now, we will have to wait for more results, but it seems that everything is going well.

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