The oldest gold jewel in the world found

The oldest gold jewel in the world found

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A group of archaeologists has found what could be considered as the oldest piece of gold jewelry in the world. It is a 24-carat gold piece weighing only two grams and has been unearthed in the prehistoric town of Solnitsata, in Bulgaria.

The mere fact that this piece has been discovered in the oldest town in the world makes it a truly unique jewel and according to different media reports, experts say that could be around 6,000 years old.

They also believe that the inhabitants of this town puthey were the first humans to learn how to work gold and according to archaeologists, both women and men could have used this piece to demonstrate a high social level.

Vassil Nikolov, head of the investigation, wanted to highlight that this jewel was not found inside a tomb but among them, which could suggest that would there be some kind of religious ritual. It also confirmed that the entire northern area of ​​Bulgaria could have been populated by complex prehistoric societies.

Different investigations have revealed that this corner had two-story houses around 4,400 BC, which shows how advanced the civilization that lived in this area for centuries was.

Other prehistoric objects had already been found in the Varna region, such as those found in 1973 in the Varna necropolis, east of Provadia, where the oldest gold treasure found so far was found and where relevant studies They dated their antiquity to 4,400 BC. approximately.

It has also been said that this gem could have been used as currency before gold and other metals were extracted from the mines by this civilization in the Bronze Age.

In 2012, different media reported the discovery of different fortifications in Solnitsata, which led them to speculate that this site had many riches to be discovered, something that turned out to be foreboding given the discovery of this jewel.

As has been confirmed, the investigations will continue their rhythm and, as is often the case in this class of deposits, it is only a matter of time before we can carry out more discoveries that will provide great information about what life was like at that time.

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