London, a multi-ethnic city from its origins

London, a multi-ethnic city from its origins

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After a deep DNA analysis of four ancient Roman skeletons found in the city of London Some time ago, the results reveal something quite striking: the first inhabitants of what is now this huge city were a multiethnic mix very similar to the one that the city has today, where you can find countless nationalities.

In this case, two of the skeletons analyzed came from outside Great Britain, and the surprise after the analysis came when it was revealed that one of them was a teenager who had blue eyes and came from north africa and the other skeleton belonged to a man closely related to the area of ​​Eastern Europe and the Middle East. How did they get there? It remains a mystery.

Likewise, the analysis revealed that one of them may have been killed in the city's amphitheater, being thrown head first into a pit. Another important fact is that both he and she suffered from periodontal disease and had poor oral health.

About the origin of the other two skeletons believed to have been born in Great Britain, a woman with maternal ancestry from Northern Europe and a man who had genetic links on the mother's side with Southern Europe or North Africa.

For her part, Caroline McDonald, chief curator of the Roman London area, stated that they have always understood that what London (Londinium) was has always been a place that has had a great multiculturalism, something that is being revealed thanks to these important studies .

He claimed that history let them know that those people who lived in Londinium did so together with many other people from infinite parts of the Roman Empire, with which they were enriched thanks to their culture, traditions, ideas, etc., identical to what happens today with today's London.

In the investigations, the Durham University, who investigated tooth enamel using stable isotopes in order to determine migration patterns. Likewise the teeth of each skeleton were sent to the McMaster University (Canada) to carry out a thorough DNA analysis with which both the hair and eye color of each individual were established and even the diseases suffered by each one could be identified, managing to reveal this information that has caused a great interest in the international community.

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