Macedonian tomb discovered in Pella

Macedonian tomb discovered in Pella

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A few days ago, from the Ministry of Culture of Greece, a news was made public about the archaeological excavations that are being carried out in the Pella deposit, considered as the former capital of the Macedonian kingdom and also the Empire of Philip II and the great Alexander the Great.

In the press release made public, it is recorded that while a group of workers was carrying out extension work on the sewage system, they discovered something that caught their attention, a huge structure.

They immediately stopped their work and notified the archaeologists of the site, who did not hesitate for a moment to start their own excavation, discovering soon after that that great structure was nothing other than a colossal tomb built with large blocks of stone.

At the moment not much information has been revealed about this find, but the Ministry has officially published that it is a tomb composed of a large chamber and two smaller side chambers.

It is assumed that this monument was looted at some point in history, impossible to determine, at least for now, but with the few materials that have been found, it can be estimated that the construction of this tomb would date back to the first third of the 3rd century BC.. In addition, they advance that it is likely that it is the burial of a member of the aristocracy of the kingdom of Macedonia and it may be after the death of Alexander the Great.

It should be noted that to date a total of 18 graves in the eastern area of ​​the Pella cemetery, the result of the excavations that have been carried out, all of them supervised by the Eforado de Antigüedades de Pella.

Although there is not much information about this tomb, the Ministry has also advanced that as results are obtained, they will be made public, so it will surely not take long for us to have more news about this discovery.

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