Record of visits to the Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena during 2015

Record of visits to the Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena during 2015

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It is always good news to know that historical places are not forgotten and are visited throughout the year, as is the case of the Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena, place that is in luck since during the past year 2015 it received no less than 180,000 visits.

This place surpassed the figure of a million visitors since it opened its doors back in 2008, where since then 1,100,000 people have come to visit this formidable cultural space located in a 5,000 square meter space of the recovered monument as well as 3,200 of the museum and the rest of the facilities, which are dedicated to the dissemination, conservation and exhibition as well as research.

If we focus on the origin of the visitors, 52% were national, mainly from Murcia, Madrid, Valencia, Andalusia and Catalonia among others. The remaining 48% belong to foreign visitors, led by British tourists, followed by French, Russian and German.

María Comas, general director of Cultural Assets, declared that the results as well as the increase in visits that this space has had are due to the good work carried out by the museum team, where in addition to guaranteeing the excellent conservation of the collections.

One of the museum's main objectives for this year is to be able to increase visitors thanks to the interest aroused by all the objects and activities that take place in this place throughout the year.

Among these activities, those that are destined for families as well as for groups of schoolchildren stand out, to bring them closer to an important part of history in a very pleasant way, something basic so that the history of this ancient monument is kept alive.

Thanks to the continuous work that has been done on this monument for more than 20 years, it has allowed a large volume of information of great interest has been stored that is shared with the public that is interested in this place, its history and everything that could have happened throughout its existence.

All this and much more, is the reason why the Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena has had so many visits during the past year, a figure that they want to beat during the present 2016 and that there is no doubt that they will achieve it because the works continue Go ahead so that we can all continue to enjoy this important part of history.

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