The Vikings and their naval skills

The Vikings and their naval skills

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According to the investigations carried out on the Vikings and thanks to many of the ancient records that have been found over time, it has been possible to determine that this town discovered Iceland and Greenland, but not only that but they also reached North America.

How could they get to the American continent without the basic instrumentation? Experts determine that they were able to navigate using different signals such as whales and the occasional seabird. When night fell they used to be guided by the stars, which reveals that they had extensive knowledge of astrology and applied it in their naval incursions into other lands.

One of the most outstanding characteristics that the Vikings had in this area was that they could use a kind of sundial for navigationAlthough it would have been of little use when the sky had been cloudy.

Other investigations speak that several Nordic peoples used a sun stone, although there is no clear reference in the information that has been collected little by little over time, although everything could be possible but there is no reliable evidence that it really existed.

It is said that the vikings may have used the interaction of sunlight with different kinds of crystals With which a navigation aid would be created that could even have been used in bad weather conditions, such as a completely covered sky.

If true, this is important news that would show that the Vikings may have discovered some of the basic principles of polarized light measurement, many centuries before it was explained scientifically, which is still something really surprising, especially since the Vikings were not exactly a people dedicated to culture and study.

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Could it really be possible? That is what they are currently investigating to determine if this is a reality or just a theory without much scientific basis.

Yes finally It is determined that the Vikings had this class of crystals on board their boats, it would be shown that they gave it a utility and it is the job of archaeologists and scientists to know its exact use.

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