The mystery of Il separatio

The mystery of Il separatio

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The Voynich manuscript, the apocryphal gospels ... are just a tiny sample of the forbidden or mysterious books that have accompanied us throughout history. Some of these books have come to be directly searched by the Church and in many cases destroyed, although in others, they are supposedly stored in the Vatican Library, but the church neither confirms nor denies.

Some of them have been poisoned, as can be seen in the movie The Name of the Rose, inspired by the novel by Humberto Eco and where poison was put on the corner of the pages so that when the finger was wet with saliva to turn the page, the poison would go directly to the body.

One of the books that meets one of these characteristics is known as Il separatio, in which indirectly, referenced in the bible. In it there is a passage in which you can read: “God said, let it be light and it was light. And God saw that the light was good and separated the light from the darkness”. As legend has it, from this separation between light and darkness an entity known as Il separatio arose.

Reportedly, it was neither bad nor good and represented the maximum, perfect and absolute neutrality, placing this entity between God and the Devil himself. During the Middle Ages, the church didn't want people to start wondering if God had more power than Il separatio.

Thus, Il separatio became a third option, which was not recognized at all by the church since there could be no middle ground, or one was faithful and good or bad and therefore, a follower of Satan, although if the thing was not too clear, the person would end up directly in purgatory, there were no more possibilities for the church, and from here he could go to heaven or directly to hell.

Supposedly, Il separatio could claim those people who had done both good and evil and those who did as many good deeds as bad, it is said that these people belong to Il separatio, although the church has never wanted to recognize it, or at least that is what is said.

Such was the influence that the church began to debate about the powers of this supposed entity, since supposedly, Il separatio's powers were total, which finally resulted in the church banning all those books that spoke or simply named Il separatio, but people began to call him “Anonymous”, “The nameless"Or"He who cannot be named”Which further increased his legend.

Of that chase of the church against the books that Il separatio only a few remain today, among which are the Compendium Augumentum and the Lugubrum Codex.

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