A wine cellar and an old bathhouse found in Jerusalem

A wine cellar and an old bathhouse found in Jerusalem

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One of the latest news related to history has been an unexpected discovery that has been made in Jerusalem. Is about a winery and an old bathhouse dating back approximately 1,600 years.

The find was made during archaeological excavations financed by the Merom Yerushalayim company under the supervision of the Israel Antiquities Authority. These excavations are being carried out at the Schneller Estate before residential buildings are constructed, although now, with this discovery, they will no longer be carried out.

Among the different objects that have been found, the large wine cellar dating back to the Roman or Byzantine period. This installation has a white mosaic that has yet to be discovered.

In the central area of ​​this place there is a well where in the past a large screw press was anchored that allowed to squeeze the must from the grapes to the maximum, which shows the importance of wine or that a large quantity to different destinations.

The vessels that were found, at least the remains, were used to save the grapes and possibly, according to the researchers, to mix with other ingredients with which to get different flavors for the wine.

The team of archaeologists believe that these vessels were not only for storing wine and supplying the inhabitants of the house that was right next door but that they would surely be sold, especially due to the large number of vessels discovered.

It was also discovered the existence of a bathroom, something that shows the different mud pipes that were found, which were used, almost certainly, to heat the place, as well as several clay bricks, which have a stamp of the Tenth Roman Legion, one of the four legions that participated in the conquest of Jerusalem.

As confirmed by Alex Wiegmann, archaeologist and excavation director: “Jerusalem once again proves that whenever one lifts a stone, they will find many things related to the glory of this city in the past, which helps us to continue searching and discovering many places and artifacts to know what those times were like«.

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