A boy discovers an age of 3,400 years in Israel

A boy discovers an age of 3,400 years in Israel

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As is often the case, great discoveries are made by mere chance, something many archaeologists know well. It may be the case that you are investigating on the ground and looking for archaeological remains but not finding anything and then finding several objects practically without wanting to.

That is what has happened with a seven-year-old Israeli boy named Ori, who could be said that has become one of the youngest archaeologists in history. The reason is that during an excursion to an excavation in a mound known as Tel Rehov, Ori found an authentic archaeological treasure dated to about 3,400 years old.

As the boy declared, he was walking around the area enjoying the day and his excursion, when he saw something that caught his attention, something that was half buried. He approached, took it out carefully and wiped the dirt with his hand and discovered that it was the image of a woman made of clay.

Without thinking too much about it, he did not hesitate to take it home and happily showed his parents the find in the hope that they would let him have it and be able to keep it. When her parents saw what Ori was up to, they told her that she couldn't keep it, that it was an antique and that that class of objects belongs to the State of Israel, so he would have to hand it over.

Researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority were in charge of dating this finding, ensuring that is about 3,400 years old.

From this entity they have declared that the figure found has a really fabulous state of conservation and everything indicates that it could have been manufactured with a mold, where white clay was placed on it and then pressure would be exerted in order to achieve the desired shape. let it dry and get what Ori found.

One of those responsible for the Tel Rehov excavation, assured that This figure is something traditional within the Canaanite culture and could represent Astarte, the goddess of fertility, or a woman related to the monarchy.

He assured that the value of the find is important enough for the little Ori to feel very proud. He also hopes that this find will be the first of many and future discoveries if the little one decides to continue enjoying archeology.

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