A millions of years old man-made underground complex?

A millions of years old man-made underground complex?

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As historians and archaeologists around the world agree that human civilization was born between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago, the belief is beginning to grow that human civilization is older, especially as a result of artifacts and different evidence from advanced civilizations long before this stretch in time, even millions of years before.

One of these researchers is Dr. Alexander Koltypin, a geologist and also director of the National Science Research Center of the Moscow Independent International University of Ecology and Political Science.

After analyzing the different underground structures found in the Mediterranean basin, he found different similarities that lead you to think that many sites were interconnected ever with each other.

He assures that the erosion of the structures as well as the composition of the material and the geological characteristics or the historical changes in the region, make him understand that were built by an advanced civilization, possibly hundreds of thousands and even millions of years ago.

On the other hand, it alleges that the composition of the building materials found in Antalya (Turkey) dates back to a range of years between 500,000 and a million years according to their estimates. Despite this, many archaeologists date them only to the Middle Ages.

One of the evidence presented has been a piece of pottery made by man where different fragments and basalts of volcanic origin are found. It alludes that the last time a volcano was active in this area to be able to provide this material is between 500,000 and a million years.

He also talks about the different megalithic ruins found in different parts of the world, which considers that there was a connection between many of these places and that they could be part of a giant prehistoric complex.

Many of these megalithic constructions seem to surpass some of the technological capabilities of many civilizations. He gives as an example 800 tons of the Baalbek megaliths in Lebanon, which were transported from a quarry to where they are today.

There is no doubt that this all sounds too mysterious and although being pragmatic, our reasoning may dictate that an advanced civilization is not possible a million years agoWe will have to see what further evidence this researcher can present, because so far, his statements have not gone unnoticed by anyone.

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