Queen Khennuwa's tomb under investigation

Queen Khennuwa's tomb under investigation

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The underground chambers of the royal pyramid of MeroeBuilt in the 4th century BC, they have been opened after almost a century since they were discovered. The objective has been archaeological documentation and research.

According to experts, the underground tomb was built for Queen Khennuwa and is about 20 feet below the surface. They can also boast of having an impressive decoration made with paintings and different hieroglyphic texts, many of them in a good state of conservation, which will allow to study this place in depth and obtain invaluable information.

History does not consider this queen as just any monarch but rather enjoyed great importance, like the rest of the monarchs of his town. They reigned from the 7th century BC. and they created a huge empire that was born south of one of the falls of the Nile, what is now Sudan.

Meroe was the impressive capital of this kingdom, located about 200 kilometers from the present city of Khartoum and its reign lasted until the 4th century AD. Many of its rulers were buried in the royal necropolises located in the mountains a few kilometers from the capital.

Khennuwa was one of the rulers and was buried in one of the first pyramids found in these necropolises, pyramids smaller in size and also in fame than their counterparts, those of Egypt, but no less important for that.

Since they were discovered, they have been the subject of studies and research by many experts, managing to collect valuable information that has allowed to unite the pieces of the puzzle of the history of this region.

The fieldwork is neither a novelty nor a discovery, since the queen's chamber was discovered and excavated in 1922 by George reisner, from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, who managed to gather valuable information on the pyramid and its entire substructure, information of which only a few photographs and many files remain.

With the reopening of the pyramid, it will be possible to investigate in a more exhaustive way thanks to the technologies that exist today, which will not only help to know more about this place but also to preserve it. The passage of time has not misbehaved the remains that exist in this place, many are in a good state of conservation, especially if the centuries that have passed since then are taken into account.

We will be waiting for you to reveal more information about these little known pyramids and over the people who inhabited the city of Meroe.

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