The Hermitage Museum offers to help rebuild Palmyra

The Hermitage Museum offers to help rebuild Palmyra

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The city of Palmyra, in Syria, has been one of those that has suffered the most from the ailments of the war, which has destroyed practically all its historical and architectural heritage, turning this area into a wasteland of destruction.

It is a real loss for everyone because countless monuments that are witnesses of bygone eras have been destroyed, with a lot of information and an important legacy that should never have been destroyed.

Faced with this situation, the help of the international community is necessary and whoever has taken the first step has taken the Hermitage Art Museum, from Saint Petersburg, who has offered to help with the restoration of Palmyra's great treasures.

In fact they have gone ahead and many volunteers are working on a scale model before the restoration process begins. As stated by the museum director, Mikhail PiotrovskiAll the details must be thoroughly studied to begin reconstruction and will require major international efforts.

For his part, the politician Mikhail Sgvydkoi, Russian head of Culture, declared that If your experts could rebuild the city of Saint Petersburg, they will also be able to restore Palmyra, alluding to the terrible damage that the Russian city suffered during the Second World War.

Russian General Sergei Kuralenk has declared that architectural monuments of world value have been largely destroyed by the actions of Islamic State troops and are known to have mined many remains of Greco-Roman ruins that belong to the World Heritage list of Unesco, so it is necessary to work thoroughly on this matter.

One of the archaeological pieces that was destroyed and where the terrorists recorded the video at the time of its destruction and later published it on the Internet, was the Lion of Al Lat.

Now, the person in charge of the archaeological remains of the city of Palmyra explained that its restoration will be possible, since many of the pieces of this impressive stone sculpture dating back to the 1st century BC have been found.

It has also confirmed that they plan to speak with the United Nations to be able to carry out the reconstruction of the western area of ​​the citadel of Palmyra as well as the temples of Bel and Ball Shamin, although it is a process that will not be exactly fast and it will also be very expensive, but it is something that must be restored and maintained over time.

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