Rakhigarhi may have been the capital of the Indus Valley

Rakhigarhi may have been the capital of the Indus Valley

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According to different archaeological findings and scientific data that have been collected over time, it could be said that Rakhigarhi may have been the most important center in the Indus Valley civilization, much more than the towns of Harappa and Mohenio Daro, areas located in Pakistan.

Archaeologists have been excavating in this area for years and have been collecting many samples that have led them to this conclusion and even that the belief that Mohenio Daro was the capital of the Indus Valley civilization is changed.

According to the team of researchers led by Professor Vasant Shide, with the scientific data that has been collected over time, it is shown that Rakhigarhi was an important city and that almost in all probability it can be said that it was the capital mentioned about 5,000 years ago.

The excavations that have been carried out together with the findings reveal that this place could have spread over more than 550 hectares, an amount that doubles that of Mohenio Daro, considered the largest city so far.

He affirmed that among the evidence collected there were massive manufacturing and commerce activities in the city, which revealed an important economic organization as well as different commercial ties with abroad, exactly with places like Rajasthan, Baluchistan, Gujarat and even Afghanistan.

It has also been confirmed that the city had its peak during the early Harappan era, which is dated between the year 3000 and until 2000 BC. On the other hand, it is ensured that the DNA samples that have been collected from the found skeletons will allow us to know more about the way of life that the inhabitants of this area of ​​the world had as well as the race or races that populated it, their characters or the diseases of about 5,000 years ago.

To carry out an in-depth study of DNA, three organisms are carrying out the studies, so that the evidence they reveal is as faithful as possible to reality and can provide conclusive evidence of the people in that area.

The team of researchers is very happy with the findings that have been made for a long time and they know that there are still many things to come, because they are on the verge of discovering what that important capital was, one of the most important in history. .

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