They discover a new dinosaur in Argentina, the Sarmientosaurus mussachioi

They discover a new dinosaur in Argentina, the Sarmientosaurus mussachioi

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Although he has been studying the dinosaur remains that have been found over time in different corners of the world, it must be taken into account that not all have been discovered and that little by little more and more different species will appear.

One of the last to appear was that of a titanosaur, of which a head has been found in Argentina with an excellent state of conservation. Its about Sarmientosaurus mussachioi, one of the most important news in terms of paleontology is concerned.

Although it is recent news, the discovery was actually made 10 years ago, but since then what has been done has been study all aspects of this bony rectus. After so many years of study, it was presented to the public by its discoverers from the Paleovertebrate Laboratory of the National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco, who were in charge of making the news public to the media and different platforms on the Internet.

It should be noted that until now, they only existed in the world three more titanosaur heads, even though no other account with such a good state of conservation. This has been possible because the delicate bones of the skull made it difficult to fossilize.

Now, scientists believe that thanks to this discovery they will be able to collect new and valuable information about what was the functioning of the brain of these large animals.

What is known about titanosaurus?

It is known that they inhabited the earth about 95 million years ago approximately, they were herbivores, they had a height of more than 12 meters and their weight was more than 10 tons. The name of Sarmientosaurus was chosen by its discoverer, Rubén Martinez, and the reason was because the place where they were found was in the Argentine town of Sarmiento, in Chubut. What of Mussachioi it was in honor of the known paleontologist Eduardo Musacchio who died in 2011.

Matthew Lamanna, a specialist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburg (United States) and who collaborated in the research on Sarmientosaurus, stated that, “Although around 200 species of sauropod sinosaurs and 60 species of titanosaurs were discovered, their skulls are as rare as chicken teeth ”.

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