Byzantine building unearthed in ancient Myra city

Byzantine building unearthed in ancient Myra city

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Archaeologists working in the ancient city of Myra they have unearthed a building of several levels of height after two years of archaeological work around the Memorial Museum of Saint Nicholas, in Antalya, Turkey.

Archaeological work in this area has been carried out for 27 years, the last being directed by the teacher Sema Doğan along with five scientists, 10 students and 13 workers, the one who has been working for the past two years unearthing the western part of the site.

This is where they have found a two-story building, a domed structure with a monumental entrance, and an outside courtyard with a water well in it.

At the entrance of the building, in turn, was unearthed a cemetery old where two burials were opened, the remains of eight people being found in one of the tombs.

They were also found drawings on the walls of the structure believed to represent Jesus, Mary, and Saint Nicholas, the ones that are being studied by anthropologists at this time.

Doğan commented that «In 2017 we continued excavating the western flank of the church and thus we found this two-story building, and in turn, with the works, we found a cemetery at the entrance of it«.

«After that, we came across the drawings and when we continued digging we realized that the structure is much larger than we initially thought«He added.

St nicolas, also known as Nikolaos of Myra, was a 4th century Christian saint and Greek bishop in Myra, located on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. Known for his gift-giving habit, he served as an inspiration for the Dutch figure of 'Sinterklass«, Then shortened to«Santa claus«.

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