The Eoarchic era

The Eoarchic era

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The was Eoarchic It is the first time of archaic eon, extending for 400 million years from 4,000 million years ago to 3,600 million years, until the beginning of the Paleoarchic era.

This is when our planet has a solid crust, and in turn when the origin of life on Earth is dated, finding evidence of cyanobacteria from 3,500 million years ago.

The firm crust of the earthAlthough it existed in this era, it is likely that it was incomplete in many places, with areas of lava still existing on the surface.

The beginning of the Eoarchic era is also characterized by being subjected to an intense bombardment of asteroids in the interior of the Solar System, known as the "Late intense bombardment".

This one would mainly affected the Moon, forming all the craters that we know today of our satellite, although it would also have subjected the planet Mercury to an intense bombardment.

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