What is the origin of the most classic games?

What is the origin of the most classic games?

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Today's technological world is causing the loss of classic games that have marked the lives of millions of people for decades. Few corners of the country continue to preserve this entertainment on the streets or in schools, despite its great role in the education of young generations by practicing some as blind man or hopscotch.

Although the fun that some of them offer cross the age barrier, like casino games like blackjack, where cards have traditionally been a primary option in fun for centuries.

The blind chicken

The origin of the blind chicken, like most classic games, it remains a mystery today. Its simplicity has led it to become one of the most popular and universal forms of entertainment for centuries for boys and girls around the world.

In practice, it consists of a group of players forming a circle holding hands, whileone of the participants stands in the center blindfolded.

There are variants in the action that the one in the middle must perform, but the usual thing is that they have to touch another to replace them, all while the rest of the players chant a popular song.

Historical documentation dates its origin to the 18th century, being a game used by adults as a way of relating to the new bourgeois societies of the time.

Some of the best known graphic documents is the painting "La Gallina ciega", byFrancisco de Goya, made in 1789 to decorate the rooms of the Palace of El Pardo where infantas slept during the reign of Carlos IV.

Despite this, the well-known Dutch painterBrueghel the Elder He had already recorded this entertainment in 1560 in the painting "Children's games."


Although it is becoming less and less common, there are still some places where streets or school yards continue to appear where this hobby is seen painting on the ground. A popular game that has a great variety of versions and different rules in its practice.

In any case, the fun is to paint some boxes on the ground, which are numbered, either with numbers or letters. The participant stands behind the first square and throws a flat stone, where it falls is where it cannot be stepped on.

Its origin dates back to classical Greece, where it was known as scholia. Later it spread to Imperial Rome, where the game had the name of wineskins.

In fact,some of the oldest drawings of this entertainment have been found in the Roman Forum. A city from which it expanded to all corners of the world at the time, due to this it is practiced on all continents with different names.


Card games remain a great enigma for historians. Most place their origin in the East, however, blackjack, also known as twenty-one, seems to have its origin in Spain.

This hypothesis is the most widespread because the first reference to this game dates from 1613, with the publication of theExemplary novelsfromMiguel de Cervantes. In the story "Rinconete and Cortadillo”Mention is made of blackjack, explaining that the objective is to add twenty-one points, without going over that figure, as well as that the Ace is worth between one or eleven points.

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