Complete list of the main gods of Egypt

Complete list of the main gods of Egypt

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The pantheon of egyptian gods it is one of the most numerous and interesting of all civilizations. To try to organize this information, we have developed a complete list of the main gods of Egypt that you can see below.

AmmonHe represented the sun and was therefore Lord of the Heavens and of all eternity. Like Amun-Ra, he possessed the power of constant renewal. He was the god of Thebes, forming with Mut (goddess of Heaven) and with Jonsu (protector of life) the sacred trilogy of this city.
Anoukis (or Anouket)Goddess of life and goddess of the falls region. She was depicted wearing a crown of feathers.
AmsetWith a human head, he was together with his brothers guardian of the cardinal points, representing the South. Together with the goddess Isis, he was the protector of the vessel that contains the liver of the deceased.
Anubis"Lord of the land of the West" which is equivalent to saying "Lord of the Dead." He is the judge and protector of the dead. He was represented with the head of a Jackal.
Apap (in Greek Apophis)The evil serpent.
ApisThe sacred "White Bull", the incarnate god.
Apophis (Apap)The destroyer of the Universe.
ArouerisThe ideal universe.
AtenHe was adopted by the pharaoh Amenophis IV, as the One God (the pharaoh was renamed Akhenaten), being represented by a sun whose rays ended hands.
AtumIt is the God who created himself. It was closely related to Ra and represented his appearance at dusk. He was depicted with a double crown on his head.
BastetShe was originally a protector of the pharaoh, although later her protective and peaceful qualities became more important. It was represented with the head of a cat.
BenuThe Phoenix of the Egyptians.
BesGod of pleasure and marriage. He was represented as a deformed being.
ButoSerpent goddess, protector of Lower Egypt.
DuamutefSon of Horus, guardian with his brothers of the cardinal points representing the East. He was represented with the head of a jackal and was, together with the goddess Neit, the protector of the vessel that contained the stomach of the deceased.
GebGod of the earth. It was part of the Sacred Aenead of Heliopolis. He is represented as a man carrying a bird (goose or swan) on his head
HapiIt is the name of the River Nile as god. He is represented as an androgynous being, a man with a feminine breast, wearing a crown composed of lotus (symbol of Upper Egypt) and papyrus (symbol of Lower Egypt).
HapiOne of the sons of Horus, with the head of a cynocephalus who, together with the goddess Nef, cared for the vessel that contained the dead man's lungs. He was also with his brothers, guardian of the cardinal points, representing the North.
HarmachusThe Egyptian sphinx, called "Horus on the horizon" since Horus would have taken that form to defeat Set.
HarpocratesHorus child.
HarsomtusGod of creation and fertility, son of Hathor and Horus.
HathorGoddess of Heaven, "the great Celestial Cow" who created the world. Daughter of Ra, she is the protector of women, the goddess of joy and love. She was represented as a cow, a woman with a cow's head, or a woman with a human head and two horns.
HathorsGoddesses who protected the birth and predicted the future of the child.
HehFrog Goddess of Eternity.
HeketGoddess Rana, symbol of immortality and of Water, of the moment when latent life begins to manifest.
HorusHe is the Great God, he reigned in Egypt before the pharaohs and was part of different trilogies, the most important along with Isis and Osiris. He was Seth's great enemy. His four sons, Amset, Hapi, Duamutef and Quebehsenuf, are the guardians of the four cardinal points and the protectors of the viscera of the mummies. It is represented with a hawk or a hawk-headed man.
HuhThe Creative eternity.
IcukThe darkness of space.
IhiGod of music, son of Hathor.
ImentetGod of Death.
ImhotepGod of wisdom. Son of Ptah and appeared as a certain aspect of Thoth
IsfetAntithesis of Maat, it represented the disorderly, unjust and false.
IsisThe great Mother Goddess, with her husband Osiris, is one of the most important divinities of Ancient Egypt. Protective Goddess who accompanied the Sun. When she appeared with a veil that covered her face, she represented the Goddess of Mystery. She took various forms, but mainly as a woman with a throne on her head.
Jonsu (Chons or Joms)Although his cult appears in the “Book of the Dead, it is in the New Kingdom where it takes on great importance. In Thebes it is part of the main triad with Ammon and Maut. Moon God, is protector of life, healer and fortune teller.
KebhsenufOne of the sons of Horus, with the head of a falcon who, together with the goddess Selkis, is the guardian of the vessel that contains the intestines of the dead. He was together with his brothers, caretaker of the cardinal points, representing the West.
KekGod of darkness, represented with the head of a serpent.
KeketKek's female form, with similar characteristics.
KhemGod of resurrection, symbolizing vegetation and generation.
KhepriIt is the god Scarab, symbol of the transformations and the renewal of life.
KhnefRepresentation of potential power.
Khnum (Jnum)He is the modeller, the creator, the Demiurge. God of the Nile who descends to the earth fertilizing it. He was worshiped in Elephantine forming a triad with Satis (goddess of the waterfalls) and Anoukis (goddess of the waterfall region). It was represented with the head of a goat.
KoketThe dark.
MaatPersonification of justice, balance and truth. It personifies the order and values ​​of Ancient Egypt. Toth's wife, she was represented as a woman with an ostrich feather on her head.
MafdetGoddess of executions.
MehitWife of Onuris (symbolizing the cosmogonic force of the sun). It is just another form of Tefnet.
MentuTheban god of war. He was represented with the head of a hawk.
MinGod of fertility, vegetation and crops, and also of the roads.
Mut (Maut)Second person of the trinity of Thebes along with Amun and Jonsu (or Jons), she was called the Lady of Heaven and she was the Mother Goddess. She was represented with a vulture cap and on top, the double crown.
NephthysSister of Osiris, Isis and Seth (or Typhoon). He personified the abyss, the great depth, the night. He had with Osiris a son: Anubis. According to Plutarch, she represents everything that is underground (disintegration, germination), while Isis represents those that are above the earth, that is, the material world.
Nefertem (Nefertum or Atum)Benefactor God, son of Ptah and Sekhmet, with whom he formed the sacred triad of Memphis.
NeithWarrior goddess, protector of the domestic arts. His symbols were the bow and the shield.
NekhbetVulture goddess of Upper Egypt, Protector of the Parthians.
Niat (Amun, Amonet)The invisible, the elusive, the wind.
NonetThe Chaos and the warm.
NunCreative and fertile matter.
NutGoddess of Heaven, represents infinite space. She is represented as a woman carrying a glass on her head.
OnurisIt represents the cosmogonic force of the sun.
OphoisWith the head of a dog or a jackal, it should not be confused with Anubis. He is an ancient warrior god.
OsirisOne of the most important gods of Egypt, representing the creative force of nature, the germinal principle. He was the Judge of the dead. It made up a divine triad with Isis and Horus. He was represented as a shrouded man, crowning his greenish face with a high miter with two ostrich feathers, carrying in his hands (free from the shroud) the whip and the hook-shaped scepter, symbols of supreme power.
PtahHe was worshiped in Memphis, the protector god of artisans and artists. He was worshiped in a triad with Sekhmet (goddess of war) and her son Nefertum. He is the God of Fire and the vital breath that creatures need for their existence. He was generally represented as a mummified man carrying a scepter in his hands.
RaHe was worshiped mainly in Heliopolis. It arose of its own free will from the bosom of Nun. It is the manifested universal soul and also the manifested Sun. He was considered the father of the pharaoh. During the day it was Ra-Harajte, by night Aten. He was represented with the head of a hawk.
RenenutetGoddess of crops.
Safekht, Sifix or SeshetToth's wife, she was the lunar goddess, as well as the goddess of writing and history. She is depicted wearing a five or seven pointed star.
SatisGoddess of the cataracts, she was represented as a woman wearing the white crown.
Sebek (Safekh, Sebakh or Sobek)God of darkness and night, he was represented by a crocodile.
Sekhmet"The powerful". Goddess of war and fighting, wife of Ptah and mother of Nefertum (who made up the divine triad of Memphis). She was represented as a woman with the head of a lioness.
SelkisScorpion goddess, protector of magic.
SerapisSolar god who replaced Osiris in popular worship. It was introduced by Ptolemy I Soter, combining Greek and Egyptian aspects. He was also represented as a serpent (of wisdom).
SethPowerful god of the desert, personification of wild nature, as opposed to the god of vegetation and crops of his brother Osiris. It was represented as a very strange animal, with a long snout and upright ears.
ShuShe is the support of Heaven and is between her two sons Geb (god of Earth) and Nut (goddess of Heaven). He is depicted as a man who wears an ostrich feather on his head. He was, along with his twin sister Tefnet, the first divine couple born to Ra.
SokarisHe was first a god of vegetation, before being considered the Divinity of the Dead. He is depicted as a hawk-headed mummy.
Tefnut (or Tefnet)Goddess daughter of Ra, Shou's sister, was represented with the head of a lioness.
ThuerisShaped like a hippopotamus, crocodile head, and lioness claws, she was the goddess of Motherhood.
TyphoonName by which Seth is also known. He is not really the god of evil, but of the lower cosmic principles.
TothOne of the most mysterious of the Egyptian Pantheon, represented with the head of an ibis or cynocephalus and later with the lunar disk. He was a lunar god, of wisdom, inventor of writing and laws; creator. He was also the recorder of the gods and Osiris in the judgment of the dead.
WadjetProtective goddess of Lower Egypt. It was depicted as a standing cobra.
WadjnerGod of the Mediterranean Sea.

Main divine triad: Osiris, Isis and Horus.

Sacred Triad of Elephantine: Jnum, Satis and Anuket.

Sacred triad of Memphis: Ptah, Sekmet and Nefertum.

Sacred triad of Thebes: Amun, Mut and Jonsu.

Ogdoad of Hermopolis: Nun, Nonet, Heh, Hehet, Kek, Keket, Amun, Amonet.

Ennead of Heliopolis: Atum, Shu and Tefnut, Nut and Geb, Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys.

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