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Jack Foster: West Ham

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John (Jack) Foster was born in Rawmarsh on 19th November 1877. A centre-forward he joined Blackpool in 1901 and scored 6 goals in 28 games. He also played for Rotherham United and Watford before signing for First Division Sunderland in 1907. He scored 3 goals in 8 games before moving to West Ham United as a replacement for Harry Stapley.

Foster joined a team that included Herbert Ashton, William Yenson, Tommy Allison, Fred Blackburn, George Chalkley, Billy Grassam, Alfred Harwood, Len Jarvis, George Kitchen, Frank Piercy, Tommy Randall, Danny Shea, George Webb and Robert Young.

Foster scored against Queen's Park Rangers on the opening day of the season. He also scored in his second game against Brighton & Hove Albion. On 10th October 1908 Foster hit an hat-trick against Portsmouth. He formed a great partnership with Danny Shea.

Foster had scored 9 goals in 15 games but in January 1909 he joined Southampton. He only played in 6 games for his new club before moving to Huddersfield Town. Foster was unable to obtain a place in the first team and in 1910 he joined Castleford Town.

Jack Foster died in 1946.


St. Pete Raiders / Northeast Raiders Soccer Club

In 1970, Northeast Raiders was formed as a recreational soccer club and in the mid 80s and due to popular demand, St. Pete Raiders was created as our competitive soccer division. Both programs run side by side.

Over the years, the club went through numerous name changes but has always been St. Pete Raiders at heart. We are a club steeped in tradition with a strong emphasis on player development, core values and keeping the love of the game within our players.

We are a non-profit family organization whose goal is to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County youth through the sport of soccer at all ages and levels of competition.

The club has had huge success with State Championship teams and numerous regional champions along with college bound athletes.

Our major goal is to educate, offer first class training and offer a product which services soccer for fun all the way up to both college and the professional ranks.

We offer programs from 3 years of age all the way though U-18 for both male and females and also offer a TOPS program for our disabled players.

We look forward to continuing our excellent relationships with our families and growing together through the love of the beautiful game.

Railroads In The 19th Century

The decade's most important legislation was in the area of safety. 

As Jim Boyd notes in his book, "The American Freight Train," the Railway Safety Appliance Act of 1893, passed by Congress that year, federally mandated all rail equipment include two important devices, George Westinghouse's automatic air brake and Eli Janney's automatic knuckle coupler (also known as the Master Car Builders, or MCB, coupler).

Both were revolutionary as the most practical and efficient way to stop a train and join/detach equipment. 

The former had been tested as early as 1869 and the latter in 1873 but railroads continually refused to use either citing cost concerns.  The decade's only significant downturn was the financial Panic of 1893. 

There were many reasons for this particular depression, some of which were international in nature.  For the railroad industry, it all began when the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad, a mighty northeastern anthracite carrier which had been attempting to create a regional monopoly, entered receivership on򠿫ruary 20, 1893. 

This sparked a domino effect that witnessed 40,000 miles of railroad in bankruptcy that year including the Erie Railway, Baltimore & Ohio, Northern Pacific, Richmond & Danville, Santa Fe, and Union Pacific.  While recovery took time the panic was not nearly as severe as the 1873 incident.

Strikes At The Pullman Palace Car Company

The strikes at George Pullman's Pullman Palace Car Company in May, 1894 were not directly related to the railroad industry but would eventually involve railroaders.  It also signified another shift towards organized labor gaining concessions against the corporate empire. 

If you have any interest in this subject, its history, and effects on American society you should consider a copy of Jack Kelly’s book, “The Edge Of Anarchy.”

It covers these subjects and specifically details the great uprising which began when workers at the Pullman Palace Car Company walked off the job in a fight for higher wages.

The battle soon escalated into a nationwide strike involving American Railway Union’s 150,000 members, led by Eugene V. Debs. Mr. Kelly’s book eloquently details the struggle, which ultimately ended in failure when the U.S. government dispatched federal troops to quell the unrest.

While “The Edge Of Anarchy” is a fascinating look at a different time in America it also highlights similarities to labor issues in modern times.  Without this fight, the industry's modern labor movement in the 20th century would likely never have been successful.

A significant positive event did result from the depression, creation of the Southern Railway. 

Morgan used his extensive assets to spent heavily on upgrading the new conglomerate.  After the initial merger the Southern continued to grow, peaking at nearly 6,500 miles by 1900. 

During the 20th century it became one of the most profitable railroads of all time before its merger with the Norfolk & Western in 1982 (forming today's Norfolk Southern Railway).

In its final incarnation the railroad stretched from Richmond to Jacksonville, Memphis to New Orleans, Washington to Atlanta, St. Louis to Chattanooga, and was comprised of some 125 smaller railroads. Its most important main line linked Atlanta with Washington, D.C. and was entirely double-tracked. 

Two other systems that helped rebuild the South were the Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line.  The former, also known as the ACL or 'Coast Line,' served points from Richmond to Florida and west to Birmingham, Alabama. 

A crowd has gathered at the new depot in New Martinsville, West Virginia to celebrate the opening of the Baltimore & Ohio's Clarksburg Northern Railroad on February 26, 1914. Author's collection.

The Seaboard Air Line is perhaps best remembered as a smaller version of the ACL both railroads served many of the same cities.  The long-time competitors would eventually merge in 1967 forming the Seaboard Coast Line. 

The industry in the 1890's saw two major improvements. Firstly, railroads began switching to steel rails in favor of iron. 

Steel, created from molten pig iron (before the development of the open hearth furnace), was not only much stronger but also had a longer lifespan.  The modern steel movement is credited to Englishmen Henry Bessemer, who invented the so-called "Bessemer Process" in 1857. 

It was the first of its kind enabling steel to be produced cheaply on a large scale.  A license for his process was acquired byਊlexander Lyman Holley, an American mechanical engineer, which brought steel-making to the United States in 1863. He, along with John F. Winslow and John Augustus Griswold, placed the first steel mill into operation at Troy, New York in 1865. 

Afterwards, the use of steel rail rose sharply in 1880 about 25% of America's rail network consisted of steel rails.  This number had jumped to 80% by 1890, and by 1900 nearly all corridors were laid with steel.

Seen here is Baltimore & Ohio's water tower and pump station at Foster, West Virginia in the early 1900s. Author's collection.

The decade's other advancement was the electric locomotive's introduction, first employed by the B&O.  The Baltimore Belt Railroad and Howard Street Tunnel project essentially kicked off main line electrification in the United States. 

Its origins can be traced as far back as the 1830's although modern electrified operations began with Frank Sprague's successful demonstrations on the Richmond Union Passenger Railway in 1888.

The Baltimore Belt Railroad, was built to close a gap between the railroad’s New York-Washington (north-south) and Washington-Cumberland (east-west) main lines.  To learn more about the B&O's electrified operations, please click here. 

Prior to this the railroad relied on a circuitous car ferry operation across Baltimore Harbor, making competition against nearby rival Pennsylvania Railroad nearly impossible. 

As Dr. George Hilton and John Due's authoritative piece, "The Electric Interurban Railways In America," points out the birth of the true American interurban began around the same time, in 1886, when the same Frank Sprague was involved with another, the New York Elevated Railway.   

There, he developed an electric motorcar whereby the traction motor was situated between the axle, along with a trolley pole and multiple-unit control stand.  

A view of the small depot in Ravenswood, West Virginia around the turn of the 20th century. The train is either the Ohio River Rail Road or successor Baltimore & Ohio. Author's collection.

This gave way to the typical streetcar which became such a common sight throughout America.

There were three great periods of interurban development the first occurred during the 1890's and reached a great flurry of construction between 1901 and 1904 when more than 5,000 miles were laid down.  

The Panic of 1903 ended this fervor but it reignited again between 1905 and 1908 when another 4,000 miles were built.  There was one casualty of the 1890's, the narrow gauge railroad. 

In another book by Dr. Hilton entitled, "American Narrow Gauge Railroads," he details this unique movement, which sprang up during the 1870's. 

It reached its zenith in 1885 when 11,699 miles were placed into operation.  Proponents felt it a more efficient alternative to the standard gauge of 4 feet, 8 1/2 inches.  However, their data was later proven flawed and by 1890, mileage had tumbled to 8,757 as lines were either abandoned or converted. 

By 1900 this number had decreased to just 6,733.  In 1900 the country's total rail mileage had increased from 163,597 (1890) to 193,346.

By this time the railroad industry was so well entrenched that it seemed rails reached every small community of the country, particularly in the Midwest and Northeast.

The era would see several east-west and north-south main lines in operation including no less than five routes connecting the west coast. Revenues by this time had topped $1 billion with three quarters of a million workers employed on the railroad. By the 20th century this number continued to increase.

Is Ben Foster West Brom’s best goalkeeper of all time?

After his man of the match performance against Tottenham, we ask whether Ben Foster is West Bromwich Albion’s best goalkeeper of all time.

West Bromwich Albion have had an array of excellent goalkeepers through their history, as well as, their fair share of not so great keepers (I’m looking at you Pascal Zuberbuhler). Ben Foster’s remarkable string of saves against Tottenham was a reminder of his importance to this Albion side. It was a performance that will go down as one of his best games in an Baggies shirt – alongside Sunderland away in 2015 and Liverpool away in 2013.

Apart from two long spells out with injury, Foster has been West Brom’s first choice keeper since his arrival in 2011. He has been part of a very successful West Brom defence, particularly under the watch of Roy Hodgson and Tony Pulis, and has played an integral role in Albion’s consolidation as a Premier League side. Foster’s club form saw him claim a place in Hodgson’s 2014 England World Cup squad although injuries have prevented him from making the squad recently.

However, Foster has strong competition for the claim of West Brom’s best all-time goalkeeper. Bob Roberts was the keeper as the Throstles won the 1888 FA Cup. He was also the club’s first player to represent the England national side.

Harold Pearson has similar achievements to Roberts, winning the FA Cup in 1931 and starting for England in their 3-0 win over Scotland in 1932. His dad, Hubert Pearson, can stake a claim with an Albion career spanning 18 years. Pearson played in West Brom’s 1912 FA Cup final defeat to Barnsley and made the England squad, but injury prevented him from getting a cap.

The quality of Albion keepers didn’t drop in the second half of the 20 th Century, with Jimmy Sanders’ helping West Brom to an FA Cup win in 1954. The London-born stopper made close to 400 appearances in his time at the club.

Scott Brown and an emotional Celtic farewell

Foster’s greatest competition might come from John Osborne. The much-loved keeper joined from Chesterfield in January of 1967 and helped Albion to an FA Cup win a year later. His incredible athleticism and shot stopping – combined with a magnetic personality – meant the ‘bionic’ goalkeeper will be many West Brom fans’ pick.

Tony Godden and Alan Miller are certainly worthy of a mention in this illustrious list. Godden helped fill the void left by Osborne and was a key member of the 1978-9 Ron Atkinson team that finished 3 rd in the First Division. Miller did a terrific job for the Baggies during a tough period between 1997 and 2000.

Russell Hoult’s achievements in Gary Megson’s promotion winning side means he is a serious contender for Albion’s all-time best. His record 27 clean sheets (24 in the league) in the 2001-2 season helped cement his place as a modern day West Brom legend.

It is tough to measure up Foster against the accolades of Osborne, Roberts, Sanders and co. But there is definitely a worthy case for Foster to be the best Albion keeper of this century, so far. If he could add some silverware to his achievements at West Brom he would certainly go down as an all-time great.

Canadian goalkeeper Rylee Foster signs with Liverpool women’s team

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND—Former Canadian youth international goalkeeper Rylee Foster has joined the Liverpool women’s team.

The 21-year-old joins the Reds after four years at West Virginia University. Born in Kitchener, Ont., and raised in Cambridge, Ont., Foster started 84 games for the Mountaineers and finished second in program history with 39 shutouts and 7,670 minutes played.

“It’s about signing a good quality goalkeeper that brings competition to our current squad,” Liverpool manager Vicky Jepson said. “She’s a fantastic fit for us for the future.”

Foster wears her allegiance to the Reds on the inside of her left bicep, where a tattoo reads “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” the title of Liverpool’s famed anthem.

“I got the tattoo in 2014 after my grandmother passed away,” Foster explained. “My grandparents are both from Wavertree in Liverpool but moved away during the war. It’s just a commemorative thing to show that they are always with me.”

Foster, who will wear No. 13, says playing for Liverpool was a childhood dream.

“To be able to start my professional career and be in Liverpool, this was the ultimate goal for me. So to be able to start here is amazing.”

The Liverpool women currently stand 11th in the 12-team FA Women’s Super League with a 1-8-3 record. The team’s other goalkeepers are Germany’s Anke Preuss and England’s Frances Kitching, both former under-20 internationals.

Foster joins fellow Canadian internationals Janine Beckie (Manchester City) and Adriana Leon (West Ham) in the English league.

Foster was 15 years old when she made her debut in the Canadian youth program in 2013. She has represented Canada at both the under-17 and under-21 levels.

Foster is a two-time Academic All-Big 12 First Team honouree and a member of the Big 12 Commissioner’s Honour Roll. She was named to the All-Big 12 First team once and to the second team three times during her collegiate career.

Wilshere syntyi Stevenagessa, Hertfordshire ja asuu nykyisin Hitchinissä, missä hän varttui. Hän kävi Whitehillin peruskoulun ja yläasteen. Hän oli koulunsa jalkapallojoukkueen kapteeni ikäryhmissä 7-10.

Juniori- ja reservijoukkueura Muokkaa

Wilshere liittyi Arsenal Academyyn lokakuussa 2001 ollessaan yhdeksänvuotias ennen sitä hän oli pari kuukautta Luton Townin reservissä. Ollessaan 15-vuotias hän oli alle 16-vuotiaiden joukkueen kapteeni ja hän myös pelasi muutaman ottelun alle 18-vuotiaiden joukkueessa. Kesällä 2007 Wilshere oli mukana Champions Youth Cupissa, ja hänen palatessa Englantiin Arsenalin Akatemian valmentaja Steve Bould antoi hänelle avauskokoonpanon paikan alle 18-vuotiaiden avausottelussa Chelseaa vastaan. Hän teki ensimmäisen maalinsa Aston Villa U-18-joukkuetta vastaan 4-1-voitossa. Sen jälkeen hän teki hattutemppun Watfordin U-18-joukkuetta vastaan auttaen joukkueensa Akatemian pokaalin voittoon. Ensimmäisellä kaudellaan U-18-joukkueessa hän teki 13 maalia 18 ottelussaan ollessaan vasta 15-vuotias.

Helmikuussa 2008, hän debytoi Arsenalin Reserveissä 16-vuotiaana Readingia vastaan, ja teki Arsenalin ainokaisen, ottelu päättyi 1-1. West Hamin reservejä vastaan hän teki unohtumattoman maalin huhtikuussa, ottamalla pallon haltuun ja laukomalla kierteisen pallon vasempaan ylä-nurkkaan, Arsene Wengerin silmien edessä. Hän onnistui tekemään 2-maalia ja 2-syöttöä vain kolmessa ottelussaan 2007-2008 kaudellaan. Hän voitti U-16 Atalanta Cupin finaalin Juventusta vastaan, hänet myös äänestettiin turnauksen parhaaksi pelaajaksi. Hän oli myös tärkeässä roolissa, kun Arsenalin reservi voitti 2009 FA Youth Cupin, tekemällä maalit semi-finaaleissa, ja olemalla ottelun paraspelaaja Liverpoolia vastaan, syöttämällä kahdesti ja osumalla kerran.

Kausi 2008–2009 Muokkaa

Heinäkuussa 2008 Wilshere valittiin Arsenalin harjoitusotteluihin. Hän debytoi Barnetia vastaan tulemalla kentälle puoliajalla. Hän syötti Jay Simpsonin maalin. Wilshere teki ensimmäiset kaksi maalia Arsenalille 10–2-voitossa Burgenland XI:tä vastaan ja taas muutamaa päivää myöhemmin Stuttgartia vastaan.

Arsenalin manageri Arsène Wenger antoi Wilsherelle paikan Arsenalin kauden 2008-2009 joukkueeseen. Hän sai pelinumeron 18. Hän debytoi Valioliigassa Blackburn Roversia vastaan Ewood Parkissa syyskuussa 2008, hän tuli Robin van Persien tilalle 84. minuutilla. Kun hän oli vasta 16-vuotias, hän on Arsenalin nuorin debytantti. Hän sivuutti sillä Cesc Fàbregasin. 10. päivää myöhemmin hän teki ensimmäisen maalinsa 6–0-voitossa Sheffield Unitedia vastaan liigacupissa. 25 marraskuuta 2008 Wilshere tuli vaihdosta kentälle Mestarien liigan ottelussa Kiovan Dynamoa vastaan. Hänestä tuli viides 16-vuotias pelaaja, joka on pelannut liigassa. Tammikuussa 2009 Wilshere allekirjoitti ensimmäisen sopimuksensa Arsenalin kanssa.

Kausi 2009–2010 Muokkaa

Kauden 2009-2010 harjoituksissa Wilshere teki kaksi maalia ja oli ottelun paras pelaaja, kun Arsenal voitti Emirates Cupin. 22. syyskuuta 2009 hän aloitti West Bromwich Albionia vastaan Arsenalin liigacup-ottelun, joka päättyi Arsenalin 2-0-voittoon. Jerome Thomas sai 37. peliminuutilla punaisen kortin työnnettyään Wilshereä päästä.

Laina Boltoniin Muokkaa

29. tammikuuta 2010 Wilshere lainattiin Boltoniin loppukauden ajaksi. Hän pelasi ensimmäisen ottelunsa Manchester Cityä vastaan 9. helmikuuta. Hän teki ensimmäisen maalinsa Valioliigassa West Hamia vastaan 2–1-voitossa. Hän pelasi vakuuttavan kauden ja Bolton oli halukas pidentämään Wilsheren lainaa mutta Arsenal ei suostunut.

Kausi 2010-2011 Muokkaa

Kaudella 2010–2011 Wilshere löi itsensä lopullisesti läpi. 15. elokuuta 2010 Wilshere oli ensimmäisen kerran avauksessa Liverpoolia vastaan. Hän aloitti myös Blackpoolia vastaan ja onnistui syöttämään yhden maalin. 15. lokakuuta Wilshere oli avauksessa ensimmäistä kertaa Mestarien liigassa, jossa hän jälleen sai tililleen syöttöpisteen. Upeiden esitysten ansioista fanit äänestivät Wilsheren Arsenalin syyskuun parhaaksi pelaajaksi. 16. elokuuta Wilshere sai ensimmäisen punaisen korttinsa Birmingham Cityä vastaan. 19. elokuuta Wilshere teki ensimmäisen maalinsa Mestareiden liigassa. Hän nosti pallon Andriy Pyatovin yli Emirates Stadiumilla Arsenalin voittaessa Shakhtar Donetskin 5-1. Marraskuussa Wilshere allekirjoitti uuden sopimuksen Arsenalin kanssa. 27. marraskuuta Wilshere iski ensimmäisen Valioliigamaalinsa Arsenalille 4-2-voitossa Aston Villaa vastaan. Wilshere väläytteli osaamistaan myös isoissa otteluissa, muun muassa Mestareiden liigan ottelussa Barcelonaa vastaan. Wilshere johdatti Arsenalin 2-1-kotivoittoon kirjauttaen huikean 93.5 % syöttöprosentin ottelusta. Arsenalin Manageri Arsène Wenger kutsui Wilsheren ottelua erinomaiseksi. Huhtikuussa 2011 Wilshere valittiin Valioliigan kauden parhaaksi nuoreksi pelaajaksi ja hänet valittiin myös kauden tähdistöjoukkueeseen Arsenalin Samir Nasrin ja Bacary Sagnan ohella. Hänet äänestettiin myös Arsenalin kauden parhaaksi pelaajaksi.

Kaudet 2011−2018 Muokkaa

Wilshere oli nilkkavamman ja rasitusmurtuman vuoksi sivussa koko kauden 2011−2012. Seuraavalla kaudella hän pelasi Valioliigassa 25 ottelua ja kaudella 2013−2014 kaikkiaan 24 pääsarjaottelua. Hän oli voittamssa FA Cupia 2014, jolloin pelasi kolmessa ottelussa, ja 2015, jolloin pelasi vain 14 minuuttia loppuottelussa. Hän voitti myös Community Shieldin 2014. Hän kärsi kaudella 2014−2015 jälleen nilkkavammasta ja pelasi vain 14 valioliigaottelua. Seuraavalla kaudella hän kärsi pohjeluun hiusmurtumasta ja pystyi pelaamaan vain kolme sarjaottelua. Elokuussa 2016 hän siirtyi loppukauden mittaisella lainasopimuksella Valioliigan Bournemouthiin, jossa pelasi 27 sarjaottelua. Toivuttuaan kesän 2017 ajan pohjeluun hiusmurtumasta hän pelasi kaudella 2017−2018 Arsenalissa 20 valioliigaottelua ja 13 peliä Eurooppa-liigassa. [3]

West Ham Muokkaa

Wilshere siirtyi Valioliigan West Hamiin vapaalla siirrolla kesällä 2018. Hänen sopimuksensa West Hamin kanssa ulottuu kauden 2020–2021 loppuun saakka. Avauskaudellaan itälontoolaisissa Wilshere oli yli puoli vuotta sivussa nillkavamman vuoksi. Liigaotteluja hän pelasi kahdeksan. Myös toisella kaudella hän oli pitkään poissa vammojen vuoksi ja pelasi jälleen vain kahdeksan liigaottelua. Ainoan maalinsa West Hamille hän on tehnyt elokuussa 2019 liigacupin ottelussa Newport Countya vastaan. [3]

Wilshere pelasi kaksi ottelua alle 17-vuotiaiden EM-kilpailuissa 2009. Englannin A-maajoukkueessa hän debytoi maaottelussa Unkaria vastaan elokuussa 2010. Ensimmäisen arvokilpailujen karsintaottelunsa hän pelasi EM-karsintaottelussa Walesia vastaan maaliskuussa 2011. Hän pelasi MM-kilpailuissa 2014 kahdessa ottelussa: hän tuli vaihdosta kentälle Italiaa vastaan ja oli avauskokoonpanossa Costa Ricaa vastaan. Hän teki kaksi maalia EM-karsintaottelussa Sloveniaa vastaan kesäkuussa 2015. Ne ovat toistaiseksi hänen ainoat maajoukkuemaalinsa (tilanne 2.6.2019). Hän pelasi kolmessa ottelussa EM-kilpailuissa 2016. [3]

Wilshere ilmoitti 29. syyskuuta 2011 Twitter-tilillään syntyneestä poikavauvastaan Archie Wilsherestä. Päivälleen kaksi vuotta myöhemmin Wilshere ja hänen tyttöystävänsä Lauren Neal saivat toisen lapsensa. Tytär on nimeltään Delilah Grace Wilshere.

England squad vs. Oranje

Gareth Barry (Man City), David Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy), Michael Carrick (Man Utd), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), James Milner (Aston Villa), Theo Walcott (Arsenal), Shaun Wright-Phillips (Man City), Ashley Young (Aston Villa)

Carlton Cole (West Ham), Emile Heskey (Aston Villa), Wayne Rooney (Man Utd), Jermain Defoe (Tottenham).

No Owen but Foster in and David James out.


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Those forwards don't fill me with confidance for the world cup.

I really hope either Owen and Rooney manage to get a great partnership going or someone unexpected has a breakthough season (Sturridge hopefully).

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Kirkland is better than Robinson without a doubt



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1) Just one RB in the squad
2) 4 players for the RW (Beckham, Walcott, SWP, Milner)
3) Owen is better than Defoe


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Heskey and one of Rooney or Defoe will serve the forward line well enough.

Gerrard [and even Beckham perhaps] can do job at RB at a pinch, mind you given any reasonable amount of notice we'll call up somebody else.

The way things are going at City SWP could be more a regular here than domestically, be interesting as always to see if Carrick gets a chance and how he manages.


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BBC saying match is off, can't be right can it ?

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BBC saying match is off, can't be right can it ?


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Capello says "No" to Boy Wonder

Capello opts against Owen recall

England coach Fabio Capello opted against a recall for striker Michael Owen as the Italian named his squad for Wednesday's friendly against Holland.

Manchester United forward Owen last played for England in the friendly defeat by France nearly 18 months ago.

"He has to play well and score goals," said Capello. "The door is open."

There was also no place for Peter Crouch, with Wayne Rooney, Emile Heskey, Jermain Defoe and Carlton Cole the four strikers in the 23-man squad.

The 29-year-old Owen, who has scored 40 goals in 89 games for England, moved to the Premier League champions last month in a surprise transfer after an unproductive spell with Newcastle United.

But he has been a peripheral figure under Capello, last playing in March 2008.

"I think it is a fantastic chance for Owen to play another time with a really important team and in the Champions League," added Capello, referring to Owen's move to United.

"It is another chance and that is really important for the player."

When asked if he believed Owen could rediscover the form of his England heyday, Capello said: "He is young, he is only 29. He is not old, so why not?"

First-choice goalkeeper David James was left out due to a knee injury.

With James absent, United's Ben Foster, West Ham United's Robert Green and Blackburn Rovers' Paul Robinson will compete for the goalkeeper position.

Following seven successive qualifying wins, England are on the cusp of playing in the World Cup next summer in South Africa, while Holland, who have also notched up seven victories, are assured of a place in the 2010 finals.

After playing Holland, Capello's England play Slovenia in a friendly on 5 September, before facing Croatia in a World Cup qualifier at Wembley on 9 September.

England squad for 12 August friendly against Holland:
Goalkeepers: Ben Foster (Manchester United), Robert Green (West Ham United), Paul Robinson (Blackburn Rovers)
Defenders: Wayne Bridge (Manchester City), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Glen Johnson (Liverpool), Joleon Lescott (Everton), John Terry (Chelsea), Matthew Upson (West Ham United)
Midfielders: Gareth Barry (Manchester City), David Beckham (LA Galaxy), Michael Carrick (Manchester United), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), James Milner (Aston Villa), Theo Walcott (Arsenal), Shaun Wright-Phillips (Manchester City), Ashley Young (Aston Villa)
Forwards: Carlton Cole (West Ham United), Jermain Defoe(Tottenham Hotspur), Emile Heskey (Aston Villa), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)

Manuel Pellegrini ploughs on as anxiety grows at pointless West Ham

I t fell to Mark Noble to deliver some home truths after West Ham’s 1-0 defeat by Wolves two weeks ago. The club captain had watched from the bench at the London Stadium and he felt an obligation to shake things up after witnessing another leggy performance. Noble’s anger filled the home dressing room and the worst part for the rest of the squad was that they could not argue with the midfielder’s criticism.

West Ham had lost their opening four league fixtures for the first time since 2010-11, when they finished bottom under Avram Grant, and the claret and blue blood running through Noble’s veins compelled him to speak out. He could see the warning signs. They were impossible to miss and although these are early days, history shows that a side in West Ham’s sticky position cannot afford to be complacent.

The question they are reluctant to ask themselves before Sunday afternoon’s trip to Everton is whether replacing David Moyes with Manuel Pellegrini in May was the right call. Appointing the former Manchester City manager on a contract worth up to £7m a year was hailed as a coup and West Ham started the season with high expectations after spending almost £100m on nine players. Yet Moyes had made progress during his short spell in east London and the Scot had plans to foster the kind of stability he enjoyed at Everton. It was sensible rather than glamorous.

Moyes felt West Ham’s infrastructure had to improve and Pellegrini has taken a similar view to his predecessor, taking control of transfers and demanding enhancements to the training ground. But the managers differ in their stylistic approaches. Whereas the pragmatic Moyes covered up his team’s lack of pace by using a 3-4‑2‑1 system, Pellegrini has veered between 4-3-3 and 4-4-2. The Chilean’s determination to play a high line and dominate possession heightened his appeal. Yet West Ham, who had the joint-worst defensive record in the Premier League last season, have scored two goals and conceded 10 in losing to Arsenal, Bournemouth, Liverpool and Wolves.

The generous take is that they remain a work in progress and there is no indication of David Gold and David Sullivan, the club’s co-owners, losing faith in Pellegrini yet. West Ham have placed their trust in the 64-year-old and do not intend to panic.

All the same, it will be difficult for them to move forward unless they find the right balance between defence and attack. They lack dynamism in central midfield and look confused, with Pellegrini attempting to instil a more ambitious mindset and some players unconvinced the team is solid enough to play on the front foot.

David Gold and David Sullivan appointed Manuel Pellegrini in the summer and also spent £36m on Felipe Anderson. Photograph: Nick Potts/PA

Pellegrini has stressed that he succeeded with Málaga and Villarreal after overcoming tough starts and his philosophy is to keep taking risks when the chips are down. “Doubt my methods?” he said as he prepared to face Everton. “No. I always trust in what I do because I have 35 years in this.”

Yet Pellegrini has taken over at a club where confidence is fragile and a crisis is never far away. On Friday he found himself denying he is angry about his team selections being leaked on Twitter before games and he has resembled a marriage counsellor more than a football manager at times, urging everyone to forget about the discontent that led to supporters protesting against Sullivan and Gold during March’s 3-0 home defeat by Burnley.

Accused of failing to invest enough after the move from Upton Park two years ago, the board won back some trust by backing Pellegrini in the transfer market. But despite paying a club record £36m to sign Felipe Anderson from Lazio, it remains possible to detect whiffs of West Ham’s dysfunction. Some of their decisions remain hard to understand, such as signing Carlos Sánchez on the cheap after failing to recruit a top defensive midfielder in the summer, and eyebrows were raised when Pellegrini was in effect allowed to appoint Mario Husillos as director of football.

At most clubs it is the director of football who finds the manager. In February, however, Sullivan announced he wanted to have less say over transfers and create a more robust recruitment department, with a greater emphasis on scouting and analytics. He was not willing to challenge Pellegrini over Husillos’s appointment after promising to give the manager more power.

Yet the process looked back-to-front and Sullivan might also wonder if he was right to agree when Pellegrini pushed for Jack Wilshere to be given a three-year deal. Wilshere, who has a chequered fitness record, will be absent at Goodison Park with an ankle injury. These are the moments when West Ham ought to remember that muddled thinking will always affect performances.

Jack Wilshere's Career

At the age of four he started showing interest in football while playing in the park near his semi-detached home in Hitchin Hertfordshire.Initially he captained for The Priory School. He was very much younger to join a youth team, so he readily participated Knebworth Youth Football Club, the only local side who took boys from five years old. With a bunch of abilities and nautral gift Jack was capable of standing out.

When he turned nine, he joined the Arsenal Academy after a short spell at Luton Town youth program in October 2001.He came out with the great ranks, and grabbed a lot of tittles and cups. At the age of 15 was renounced as the captain of under16s.He also made a few attempt for the under 18s.With his growing age he started competing with men in the season of 2008.

At sixteen years and 329 days old, Jack Wilshere became Arsenal's youngest player ever to make his debut on the senior team and broke the record made by former Arsenal star, Cesc Fabregas.Jack also performs as a playmaker and winger. On 9 February 2011 Jack made his full England debut when he played in a friendly against Denmark.

He performed well, despite playing just in front of the defence and was worthy to be praised for his performance. Because of his injury Wilshere made his first start for his nation, England since 2011. He was tittled as man of the match as England beat Brazil 2-1 at Wembley Stadium.

Till now he has made seven appearances for the senior England squad. He is brightest talented player in the premier league till now.

Forgotten man may head north as Scottish side ponder Wilshere gamble

The 28-year-old was released by West Ham United on Monday after a couple of injury-ravaged seasons.

Capped 34 times by England, the talented schemer made only 16 Premier League appearances following his August 2018 debut. He managed just six league starts in that time and the writing was on the wall.

The former Arsenal man was handed a three-year deal by then Hammers boss Manuel Pellegrini two years ago. That was terminated by mutual consent, with question marks over the player’s future.

A history of injury woes plus off-field issues mean top Premier League clubs are unlikely to get involved. However, Gers chief Steven Gerrard might be willing to take a punt on the Stevenage-born star.

As per talkSPORT, Rangers trying to sign Wilshere ‘should not be ruled out’. The player took to social media on Monday to suggest his future plans would soon be revealed.

Rangers secured the services of South Africa international midfielder Bongani Zungu on a season-long loan on Monday. The Ibrox giants took advantage of French Ligue 1 club Amiens’ relegation to land the 27-year-old.

Gerrard’s men have made a solid start to their Scottish Premiership campaign, sitting top of the tree after 10 games. Celtic are just a point behind and Wilshere might be the man to add some class to the midfield and keep them ahead of the Hoops.

At his best, the man who spent six years at the Emirates Stadium can unlock any defence. However, he can go missing in games and will need to fully focus on football to prolong his career.

Moyes loses patience with Wilshere

There appears to be no place for a luxury player like Wilshere at West Ham for manager David Moyes.

Having flirted with relegation for much of last season, the East End outfit finished 16th. A late-season rally after the re-start kept them afloat and the boss does not want a repeat.

As ever, the pragmatic Scot will make his side hard to beat and Wilshere clearly did not feature in his plans.

Premier League defeats to Newcastle and Arsenal were follow by comprehensive victories over Wolves and Leicester City. Keeping up that momentum is key but things will not get any easier.

Trips to Tottenham and Liverpool flank the visit of Manchester City in a huge test for the club’s ambitions.

Watch the video: Britains Youngest Football Boss Series 1 - Episode 1


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