North Orange County Community College District

North Orange County Community College District

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The North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) is located, naturally enough, in northern Orange County, California. The district spreads out over 155 square miles, extending its reach out to Riverside County on the east, and Los Angeles County on the west and north.The district offers associate degrees, vocational certificates, adult education certificates and transfer education programs, in addition to an array of specialized training.Its mission is to offer comprehensive educational programs and services that focus on academic excellence, student’s success, and lifelong learning.The district has three main campuses and the School of Continuing Education. The second being Cypress College, founded in 1966, and the last, the Anaheim Campus, started in 2001.The School of Continuing Education is the fourth largest such program in the state. Various non-college credit programs include high school diploma completion, basic skills, vocational certificates, and self-development courses are offered at the school.The college district has its administrative offices at the Anaheim Campus and offers counseling departments in all its campuses, to help new and continuing students plan their educational and career goals.The district also has educational programs for international students to assist them with their studies and campus life.

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